The world is going through an Ice Age and dragons are the natural rulers of their land. Their hability to take humanoid forms allows them to inhabit any medium or small cave.

In such context, Asgall Salamander, a red dragon from Wales, deals with his harsh and lonely daily life when an unexpected guest arrives to his land looking for refuge.

As they'll discover each other's background, we'll learn these creaturesĀ“ nature and their struggles between reason and the beastsĀ“primal instincts.

Genre: Prehistoric fantasy, yaoi

Age rate: 18+

Status: Ongoing

Updates: New chapters every second Wednesdays

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red dragon shapeshifter

Asgall Salamander

A mighty dragon from Wales, also known as Asgall Scarless. He likes…
black dragon shapeshifter

Caolladhe Cysgod

An unusual dragon from Skye. As he's not very stong, he lives…
red dragon shapeshifter


Orlaith's husband. He has a debt to pay with Asgall Salamander. Type:…
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The Author

I'm McKaren, a comic artist from Argentina. Drawing has always been my passion and thinking of stories is for me an inseparable activity from that. The most of what I do began long time ago as a simple game, some things remain lost in my bedroom's shelving and others became so important to me through the years that I'm determinated to focus on them as the project they deserve to be (or al least give them the place I myself think they deserve, hehe). Moreover, almost all of it is part of the same Multiverse. Kings of Fire's not the exception, and I hope it's a good way to start.

I have big influence of manga and anime, being that I watched a lot of it. Saber Marionette J, BLAME! and Hellsing are some of my favourites. Although when I grown up I took other references from non manga artists(like Enrique Breccia), manga style always remains there.

Some things I like: dinosaurs, Finland, folk music from everywhere, XVII Century stuff (yes, that century in particular), Outlander series.
Some things I don't like: ideologies, national barriers, cucumbers (I must be half-cat).